1) Do you allow adult sites?
Yes we do, we are an adult friendly traffic exchange. This does not mean we are without rules, and because of the nature of our exchange we take our rules very seriously if you break any of our content rules, this can lead to an instant ban with a loss of all credits. Earned or purchased. So make sure you have read the rules thoroughly before adding content:

Nothing that contravenes the Obscene publications act of the united kingdom.
No Animal Pornography
No Underage Pornography
No Simulated underage pornography
No Incest
No Scat or removal of any bodily fluid onto another individual
You must adhere to the rules of any social network you are sharing with.
No Viruses
No Pop-ups
No sound
NO Adwords sites (this is for your own good google will take your money if they find you using auto surf)

And as always ensure you are keeping to your hosting companies policies if you are auto surfing.
2) Do i need to be an adult site to be on the network?
No as long as you obey all the rules of the site you do not need to be an adult site, but you must understand you will see them when using the site.
3) How do i use the twitter exchange section of the site?
You should treat it as a directory only follow, retweet and like things you would genuinely retweet or like. This should as, a rule be almost everything as our directory should consist of users who are adult themed, it's a niche area, not a random follow exchange.

- No excessive following and unfollowing, twitter does not tolerate this and neither do we.
- No eggs - Your Twitter profile must be complete.
4) Do i need anything installed to use the site?
No. But we do recommend you install the Alexa toolbar as this will increase the rank of both your site and the sites you are visiting boosting both of your sites search engine visibility.